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Flora Low knows that beauty is more than skin deep, but her artistic vision and personalized beauty techniques she has made many women rediscover the lightness of their own attractiveness.

Flora graduated from Cal. State LA in 1975 as a Graphic Major. She then worked as a graphic artist for 25 years.

Flora chose to expand her artistic abilities to the Beauty industry. She began doing make-up in 1986. From her humble beginning in beauty, Flora has always known that her destiny resided in working hands on to help people achieve a higher sense of self-awareness.

An appointment with Flora for permanent Make-Up calls for a two-hour interactive session in order to determinate the perfect arch of an eyebrow or curve of the lip. “Even while I am applying (permanent make-up) to a customer’s face, I ask them to talk to me in order to determinate the most natural facial positions. What many other Beauty specialists fail to realize is that a person’s face is not attractive and needs to move with each facial expression in order to achieve the best result.”

Flora is a licensed Cosmetologist and her expertise is in aesthetics, she loves working in total skin care. Some other exciting services Flora offers include the Lamp Probe, which is a special technique to get rid of unsightly skin irregularities like whiteheads, broken capillaries and skin tags. The Cry Probe, the ultimate in Cry therapy instrument, is another solution to skin blemishes. Established in almost every major medical specialty the Cry Probe can help treat colloidal scars, warts and hyper pigmentation. It is the attention to deal and the person vision that makes a session with Flora an invaluable experience.

Certifications include:

-- Instructor Certified
Only available to AIIC Certified Masters (or equivalent), this training in the excellence of permanent cosmetics allows Flora to educate and motivate others in the permanent cosmetics industry.



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